Updated; 20-08-2018, 14:04

Raiffeisen Invest sh.a (RIAL), a company licensed from the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) for the Management of Investment Funds and Voluntary Pension Funds, presents the newest investment fund, Raiffeisen Vision fund.

Raiffeisen Invest sh.a is the company that built the fundamentals of investment funds in Albania and developed it thanks to cooperation and support from FSA. Following the success of the Prestige fund and the Raiffeisen Invest Euro fund, RIAL offers to the Albanian investors another investment opportunity in Lekë, aiming to diversify the financial portfolio through longer-term investments.

The objective of the Raiffeisen Vision Fund is to maximize total short-term returns to investors, aiming to maintain their capital and provide sufficient liquidity.

This fund is suitable for all investors, whether physical or legal persons, who have low liquidity needs and long-term investment horizons, prepared to take on the risks listed in the fund’s prospect against the potential for a satisfactory return on investment.

All interested investors can go to the branches of Raiffeisen Bank to invest in the new fund. The minimum amount of initial investment in the Fund is 30,000 Lekë. This amount can be increased to a value of at least 10,000 Lekë.

“The creation of the Raiffeisen Vision Fund shows our ongoing commitment to provide the Albanian public with a wide range of investment products outside the spectrum of banking products, in line with their risk profile. This is the third investment fund under the management of Raiffeisen Invest, created in parallel with the increase of awareness and knowledge on investment funds in Albania. As leader in the market, we will continue to manage investor assets with professionalism, integrity and transparency by implementing best asset management practices and contributing to the sophistication of the market as a whole. In a low interest rate environment, Raiffeisen Vision will be a very good investment option”, said Edlira Konini, Executive Director ofRaiffeisen Invest sh.a.

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The Raiffeisen Vision Fund was approved by Financial Supervisory Authority with decision number 143 date 30 July, 2018. This is an open public fund, which will be offered / distributed via Raiffeisen Bank branch network starting from August 20th, 2018.

The Raiffeisen Vision Fund will invest mainly in Albanian Government Securities.

Raiffeisen Bank Albania owns 100% of Raiffeisen Invest sh.a shares, which will continue to manage Private Pension Funds in addition to Raiffeisen Invest Euro and Raiffeisen Prestige Fund.